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Experimental Dermatology Unit

Scientists (PhD) Experimental Dermatology (f/m)

The Experimental Dermatology Unit (Head Professor Dr. Karin Loser), which is associated to the Department of Dermatology, is searching for two  

Scientists (PhD) Experimental Dermatology (f/m)
Ref.: 00741

Part time, 65% of 38.5 hours/week 
salary scale TV-L E13

The Experimental Dermatology unit has a long-standing interest in the analysis of systemic autoimmune diseases, cutaneous sterile inflammatory disorders, and the progression of skin cancer. Inflammatory skin diseases or the development of skin cancer are controlled by the immune system and the regulation of immune responses is particularly important for the pathophysiology of skin disorders, their perpetuation as well as the development of novel therapeutic Options.

In both projects we intend to investigate the role of costimulatory signaling via OX40/OX40L or RANK/RANKL during anti-bacterial or anti-viral immune responses. Thereby, we will focus on clinically relevant pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus or Herpes simplex virus type 1 and analyze how RANK/RANKL or OX40/OX40L signals might modulate anti-microbial immune responses and whether targeting one of these signaling pathways might be of interest for potential further clinical development. For this purpose, appropriate mouse models with cutaneous overexpression of RANKL or OX40 as well as different knock-out and reporter mice are used. Additionally, the results obtained in mice will be validated in samples from patients. State of the art methods of molecular biology, cell biology, immunology and imaging will be used.

Duration of contract: 3 years, extension is planned

Start of employment: as soon as possible

The prerequisite for these appointments is a M.Sc. or equivalent degree in Biology, Biochemistry or related fields. Individuals with a strong background in cell biology or basic immunology and a high interest in inflammation or infection research are encouraged to apply. Experience in flow cytometry, in vivo imaging, performing animal experiments or handling laboratory animals would be helpful.

For further information please contact: Prof. Dr. K. Loser, phone: +49 251 83 52953 or
e-mail, loserk(at)­uni-muenster(dot)­de.

Please submit your candidacy by March 26, 2017 with reference number 00741 including a cover letter, your CV and a letter of recommendation of your scientific supervisor to bewerbung(at)­ukmuenster(dot)­de.

Applications from female candidates are particularly encouraged. In the case of equal qualifications, competence and specific achievements, women will be considered on preferential terms within the framework of the legal possibilities unless reasons specific to an individual male candidate predominate. Handicapped candidates with equal qualifications will be given preference.

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